Established in the winter of 2016, New Art Riot (NAR) is a Toronto-based collective of independent filmmakers working collaboratively on a shared cinematic vision. NAR aims to incubate local filmmakers in their pursuit of producing unique and personal films that challenge formal and narrative conventions while engaging with diverse audiences.

NAR consists of seven filmmakers who together mutually invest in all stages of production on each film from early script development through to distribution. As NAR looks to expand and integrate more filmmakers and artists into the collective, it is a priority to include a diversity of voices and perspectives. It is the goal of NAR to build and evolve into a premiere Toronto film production and distribution company spearheading a movement of raw, passionate, filmmakers.


Lachlan R. Anderson

Kerim Banka

J. Connor Bjornson

Aidan Cheeatow

Cristian Gomes

Sam Holling

Peter Widdrington